Several years of online gaming experience of professional players

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Several years of online gaming experience of professional players

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In order to enhance persuasion, let's bask in the net first. Near Guangzhou, a man's paradise. Two villas. Twelve shops (this one is recommended by Feng Shui). One BMW7 series, one BenzGL, the wife picks up the child. No mistress lover, good gambling is not lustful.

During working hours every day, work starts on time after dinner, usually by noon the next day, when the NBA is finished. Go to bed in the afternoon, get up and continue.

After the NBA is over, you can sleep in the morning and do something else in the afternoon. Like photography travel, a full set of Lycra, spend about 100 w.

1. Software and hardware equipment for professional gamers

a, 4 sets of 24-inch monitors, controlled by two hosts respectively. (One to see the score, the other to open the remote desktop)

b. 4 remote servers, respectively renting lines from HK, TW, and a certain country in Southeast Asia (safety first, don't open illegal websites on your own computer)

c. Two domestic broadband lines of 4M

d. Three sets of automatic betting software (there are too many games and people are too busy. After setting the conditions, you can bet automatically)

e. A set of data analysis software (invaluable and invaluable)

2. Funding preparation

General gamblers get member accounts. Professional gamblers take agent accounts and can open membership accounts for themselves to bet.
Say what you have now:

Crown: 2500w (the most famous Zhengshui network, every accident has its share)

ABAB: 1500w (the previous name, what it is now, everyone who understands it)

Sabah: 1000w (negative water network)

Lee Kee: 1000w (negative water net)

The credit limit mentioned above is the amount that can be bet.

How did you get such a high credit limit? Use strength.

3. Fund settlement

Every Monday is the settlement day, and it is necessary to settle with the major bookmakers. There is a special financial department responsible for this matter, so I won't go into details.

Sometimes bank transfers, sometimes carrying a cardboard box of Hong Kong paper tied with rubber bands.

4. Profit model

As for how to make money by gambling, I won't say if you kill me. But I can reveal the money-making model three years ago.

A few years ago, when online betting was first started, the odds and odds offered by several major bookmakers were quite different.

Careful people, by comparing the odds of several major dealers, can bet on the same game with different dealers, and they can win the game.

For example, Brazil vs Argentina, the handicap is the same, in the A network, the Brazilian odds are 1.02, and in the B network, the Argentina odds are 1.00.

In this way, I will buy 100w Brazil on the A network and 101w Argentina on the B network, no matter what the final result is, I will make a pure profit of 1w. The betting amount is several million in one night, and the net profit is tens of thousands. In a year, it's pretty impressive.

This jargon is called moving water, fetching water. But then several major bookmakers discovered this situation and strengthened the synchronization between the odds. This kind of good thing is gone now, hehe.

But many new practices have been derived from this method. Human wisdom is infinite.

I can only tell you that in the data analysis software developed by myself, the database is Oracle, which has stored the data of all competitions for several years.

Including information such as the handicap of each dealer, of course, a lot of information has become spam. But if you find a way, you can still find the right rules.

In a word: there is no sure-fire way to win the game. But there is an accidental inevitability, the theory is very mysterious, and I don't know how to explain it to everyone. Just something in the mind.

What I advise everyone is that you can play with the ball. If you want to be a professional, the threshold is very high. Do you have so much capital to call? Are you familiar with the ball game?

Just like Lao Qian Tengfei, if you are not sure that your skills are outstanding, I advise you not to easily get into the bad habit of gambling.

In someone's eyes, sitting in front of the computer all night is not gambling, but work, understand? Work!

In my circle of golfers, everyone joked, how many years have you been gambling? Not much, just two World Cups.

What is the meaning of two World Cups, one World Cup is 4 years, and two is 8 years, that is to say, 8 years of continuous betting, not giving up, not quitting because the funds are cleared. Eight years, it's really not easy. I think I can proudly say that on the day of the eight years, I have invested in the industry and no longer touch the ball. I look forward to it.

In 2002, the World Cup was probably the most popular time. In China, both fans and non-fans were watching the game. From the qualifiers to the group stage, when the Chinese team was eliminated, the number of people who might pay attention would be slightly reduced, but I am a fanatic. For football and basketball fans, every World Cup will start from the beginning to the end.

In 2002, I was still a youth wandering in the society, not knowing what to do, daydreaming all day long. In the match between China and Costa Rica, I was watching the game at the bar and met my master, Lao Lin. The acquaintance process was very interesting. Because there was no place to sit at the bar, Lao Lin and I leaned to watch the game. Costa Rica scored a goal. ", said Lao Lin:

"Hey, I bought a big ball, I think it's going to be popular." The neighbor was very upset: "Fuck, you're a B, you haven't fucked a virgin before?" What about you, boy, what did you buy?". . . . . .

The acquaintance with Lao Lin taught me that I can still gamble while watching football. In 2002, my accumulated capital was less than 5,000 yuan. At that time, I was renting a house with my girlfriend. The life of money, looking back on it now, it was really beautiful, very quiet, and there was no crazy blood in my bones. Until 2003, my girlfriend thought I was incompetent and left me. I vowed that I would make a lot of money and make her regret it.

In 2004, I was watching the European Cup in a bar, and I met Lao Lin again, but he no longer knew me, so I started to approach him purposefully. Before that, I only thought that Lao Lin was a little gambler. I approached him just to let him take him. Take me in. "Dude, what's the deal today?", "Portugal handicap, what about you?", because I didn't understand what it meant, I had to say the same thing, "Young man, which team do you like this time?", "Czech Republic and Portugal" .", "Why is there a Czech Republic?", so I talked freely, in fact, I just liked the Czech Baros at that time, and Lao Lin made a kind of vague understanding, "It makes sense." After watching the ball , I understand why Lao Lin's game is popular, I invited Lao Lin to have a late-night snack (it can be regarded as breakfast), Lao Lin drank some wine and won some money, I was very happy, so I struck while the iron was hot. "I don't know much about sports betting, can you? Let's play with you and earn some pocket money?" Lao Lin agreed without hesitation. After supper, Lao Lin said he would take me home, and Lao Lin went to the parking lot to pick up the car. When I saw it, it was a red flag. I thought Lao Lin should be more powerful.

In this way, I learned a lot of sports betting knowledge from Lao Lin, but I seldom made bets. At that time, Lao Lin's bets were made in bars, restaurants, or dealers' houses, with cash transactions. Slowly, I changed my opinion of Lao Lin, Lao Lin is a man with a very cautious bet and a high hit rate. He almost relies on this to support his family. In the semi-finals of the European Cup, Greece vs. Czech Republic, Lao Lin called me and said that there is Czech Republic, you have to practice it anyway, I also have this idea, I asked Lao Lin what to buy, Lao Lin said that the house line is 2.5 balls, we Buying a big ball is exactly what I want. My expectation is 1-2, so I took out all my deposits, 4,800 yuan, and bet on the ball. Lao Lin also placed 5,000. At 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, the game started, and the result was very disappointing. We went dark, and I lost my savings, and I didn't contact Lao Lin for a long time after that. I also started a relatively depressed life. I went home to eat my old age. During this time, I came into contact with the Internet and started to play the popular game "Legend". When I saw a gambling advertisement, I was instantly attracted. After watching it, I went home. I felt uneasy for the next few days. I was thinking, where can I get some money to make a living? Be calm and calm down. Be on time, one day will be popular, one month is also the salary of the golden collar, and I don't have to go to work, how wonderful.

So, I told my dad that I needed a sum of money to invest in an online project, and my dad and mom gave me 150,000 after negotiating, so I started contacting Lao Lin to start my betting life.

I called Lao Lin, I said Lao Lin, still betting in cash, he said yes, I said that online betting is much better than that, let's do this together, Lao Lin said yes, he will see if it is deceptive.

This is how my sports betting career started. The first two months were really good luck. We were both in the small leagues. We had less than 10 dark games in two months. I was really excited, I thought to myself. , at this rate, I will become a so-called rich man in no time. In 2005, which is also the year I just started sports betting, only two months of negative income occurred. After 5 months, I paid back my dad's money. My dad asked me what I did to get my money back so quickly. Speaking of the Internet, you don't understand.

Slowly, I learned that Lao Lin has two daughters and a wife, and they are a happy family. The wife is a civil servant. Lao Lin used to be in the sand and stone business. Later, he thought that the credit of the sand and stone business was too serious. I did, the accumulated assets are about 2 million yuan, there are two houses in fixed property, and a red flag. According to Lao Lin, he should earn more than 1 million and close to 2 million in sports betting. According to my analysis, Lao Lin can come up with no less than 5 million in cash.

In 2006, the World Cup started. At this time, I had a certain degree of accuracy in the analysis and betting of the game. If I was not sure of the game, I would not bet, or only bet 10 yuan. Verification analysis, 2006 The World Cup I bet on is less than 15 games, and Lao Lin is off the field, from the qualifiers, the group stage, the 1/8, the 1/4, the semi-finals, the finals. No matter how I tried to persuade Lao Lin to listen, in the final, Italy vs. France, Lao Lin asked me to find a quiet place to accompany him to watch the game, so we found a very remote bar with five or six people including us and waiters. France won only 10 yuan. Before the game started, I learned that during the World Cup (from the qualifiers to the finals), Lao Lin had lost more than 6 million yuan. After losing all cash, he got a house mortgage and sold his car. 80,000 yuan, more than 2.2 million in debt (non-bank, and some water money), in the final, Lao Lin bet 400,000 for France to win, and the 1.5 goals in the first half were 800,000. After hearing this, I thought it was incredible. In such a short period of time, so much money could flow away. Lao Lin said that if it was dark today, he would commit suicide. Frankly speaking, I think 1.5 goals in the first half is very stable, and I am also optimistic about France. Today, I should at least make a red bet to ease the situation of Lao Lin.

The game started, and I could hear my heartbeat. After about 20 minutes of the game, we were completely disappointed. The referee gave Zidane a penalty kick, and Materazzi scored a header in about 20 minutes. When Lao Lin covered his face with trembling hands, I comforted him and said that the game was not over yet. After 90 minutes, it was 1-1 and the penalty shootout was the winner. With the penalty kick from the French team hitting the goal post, I knew Lao Lin was completely over. Lao Lin was crying, and I kept comforting him, and I didn't know what to say to comfort him. We embarked on this road, and it was destined to be a road of no return. Maybe I will have this day sooner or later. Lao Lin said he was going to die. , I said what will happen to your daughter if you die, and what will happen to your wife, as a man, you should bear the money you borrowed yourself.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, Lao Lin and I went to the bank. I took 50,000 yuan to Lao Lin. I said, take it and make a comeback. If you want to die, just use 50,000 to buy a cascading bet. If you die, you will make a comeback. I am waiting for the day when you make a comeback and we will watch football together. At that time, we will not bet on sports anymore.

I haven't heard from Lao Lin until now.
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