Field DC is all commission-free baccarat

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Field DC is all commission-free baccarat

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Player: Found that the newly opened Sands City Center is basically commission-free baccarat, and there are very few traditional baccarat. 500 starts. Last year, the newly opened Galaxy Entertainment, most of them are regular baccarat, only a few commission-free baccarat, I don't know if they will follow the trend. Melco World can hardly see regular baccarat, and the commission-free baccarat basically starts at 1000. There is also a live broadcast in the casino on the second floor, there are no players, but the dealer has not stopped dealing cards.

Player: Macao this year before the New Year minimum or 300, online revelations in order to rip off customers, the New Year to raise the minimum 500, it is estimated that not ready to transfer back. The commission-free margin is too high, and it is estimated that the traditional baccarat will be cancelled in online gambling in the future.

Player: The commission-free desktop processing speed is fast, fast and profitable, these DCs are already enough to earn, and they are not fast enough to earn.

Player: Melco actually has a live broadcast, go to see it next month.

Player: Go to Macau to play, the benefits, many people cheer for you, meet the long dragon everyone is very happy. However, the mainlanders have the most, it seems that everyone on the table is quite united, cheering each other up, but unfortunately I am going to win big money, not to entertain and mix up life. Macau will come back after a while.

Players: Field DC also has club registration discounts, such as 100 chips, but these 100 chips are not enough for your next hand, the minimum is 500

Player: Yes, after the on-site dealer won at Zhuang, the traditional baccarat lost money is very time-consuming, one by one, some players have prepared the change and handed it over in exchange. However, Zhuang only wins half of the pumping at 6 points, which is really too high and very unfavorable to the player.

Player: I don't have time to go to Galaxy Entertainment this year, but I heard that most of the baccarat tables have been replaced by commission-free baccarat
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