I only pick cabbage, and the bookmaker will hate me and blacklist me, right?

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I only pick cabbage, and the bookmaker will hate me and blacklist me, right?

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Player: Weak question, I only pick cabbage, will the bookmaker hate me and then blacklist me? Because the time to engage in cabbage is not long, I think it is okay to try to make 1,000 or so a month. But if I do this for a long time, will I not be allowed to do it?? Haha I hope that a big bookmaker is not so stingy.

Player: If you encounter suspicious bets, the suspicion of only engaging in cabbage is of course the greatest, which involves the problem of dividend hunters

Player: If you only take cabbage and don't save money. Send a post to thank you when you withdraw money.

Player: If you can get a cabbage withdrawal, save some money to play in

Player: Wish I could make more money, mainly in terms of work, I hope there are more orders, and then I can get more commissions. Because I said it. I didn't pay off my debts, I didn't have to gamble with my own money... After paying it off, I only take a part of my income. If you have suffered a big loss, you must eat a loss and grow a wisdom. Otherwise my life would be hopeless.

Player: At least 4,000 a month... Even if you do 40,000, it won't hate you. Each family is just a hair. But you're in the fray

Player: No problem. Cabbage's money bookmakers aren't so nervous... If you have the ability or good luck, the cabbage should not win much, or some companies will find excuses not to give withdrawals... Rather bring it up in the deposit!

Player: The landlord is assured, absolutely fine. If you are afraid that you can't do it, how many people can restrain their greed and not save? People are always caught in it unconsciously

Player: Only playing the event bonus will really be hated, and if the landlord has a profit, it is better to save money

Player: Originally, cabbage was enough to attract people to go, and it was also a place to go

Player: Yes, since you have all taken the cabbage, if you hit it, save some money to play
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