The minimum transfer amount in Sun City Asia account is 50 yuan

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The minimum transfer amount in Sun City Asia account is 50 yuan

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How did Sun City behave so perverted now??

For a whole month of March, I deposited a 2,000 money in Sun City, withdrew it twice, and didn't go again for the whole month!

Today on the 10th, I suddenly saw that there was a rebate! Just wanted to play the balance out, did not expect, see this perverted rule!!

Really speechless!! Will you still go to the deposit later?

Thank you for choosing the online consulting service. Our customer service staff will assist you immediately.

You are talking to customer service 'Nikco'.

The chat code for your conversation is LTK535014037506X

Nikco: You are welcome to contact the SunGame Customer Service Center, what can I do for you?

You: Hello! My account number: xxxxxx
You: Why can't the balance in my master account be transferred to sports?
You: Regardless of the transfer in and out is not successful Ah you: I did not do the wrong thing Ah

you: What happened to the system??
Nikco: Hello, the minimum transfer amount for our sports is 50 yuan for
you: Halo
you: So what should I do with my rebate??
You: Casino is also 50?
Nikco: Hello, yes you: Aren't
you guys pranking me? I play sports, you give me water back to the main account?? Then you can only watch, can not use?? Is this your money or my money??
You: Isn't this playing me!?
Nikco: Please wait, we are making inquiries for you.
You: Thank you
: It's so hard to understand!!
You: My sports 1% rebate, why do you give me a return to the master account?
You: Now my money is obviously there, no matter how much, it is my money, but you only let me see. Don't let me use it??
You: Do you want to rebuff or look down on players who don't have a deposit today??
You: If you are so unwelcome to small players, I will go to the forum to help you introduce it! What is your personal opinion on this?
You: Isn't this in the pit for me??
Nikco: Please wait, we are making inquiries for you.
You: Well, thank you!
You: Please help me transfer my money to sports.
You: My sports rebate, specially sent me back to the main account!
You: What else can the primary account do? I can only turn it, and now I can't use it no matter what! Isn't that deliberately fooling the player?
You: What about people? What are you looking for? Is there anything else I can look for?
You: Please help me deal with this matter, thank you!!
Nikco: Sorry to make you wait a long time, after verification by the relevant departments, your anti-water bonus is 39.52, you can transfer money after the replenishment to participate in our game
you: you are really amazing, the rebate is to let people recharge to play!
You: The Emperor of the Earth is also a platform with you, and you are so engaged that you are not far from being abandoned by the players!!
You: How did it get so rubbish now!!
Nikco: The minimum transfer amount for our sports is 50 yuan, if you need to participate in sports games, you can make a transfer operation
after making up the money: Is there a company like you?? This rebate is sports, why go back to the master account? Isn't that my money? Why do I have to save another 200 to play?
Nikco: The Reverse Water Bonus is billed based on your monthly bets and you can also temporarily keep yourself in
your account
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