I feel that the baccarat cards are sorted out in advance

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I feel that the baccarat cards are sorted out in advance

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Player: I feel that the cards of baccarat are sorted out in advance, I don't know who has the same idea as me, anyway, every day is a variety of road numbers to get around, the winning method is not long-winning, maybe this road can win a few days to next week will not work, anyway, most players are played by it!

Player:! That's for sure! Or where else did it come from such a neat road! I've already studied it, the specifics are too complicated for me to say!

Player: Yes! Otherwise, there will be several rooms out together, and sometimes there will be a temptation in front of him and slowly a super dragon will come out! Don't look at someone grabbing you! In fact, there are more people who are anti!!!

Player: I can't tell, if you think he's right, then go against him

Player: Sometimes he will go out of 4 rooms together on the Boeing platform


A: Idle Village

B: Zhuangzhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang

C: Zhuangzhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang

E: Zhuangzhuang Xianzhuang Xianzhuang Xianzhuangzhuang

When you lose money, you will be in a hurry to play 4 rooms and want to fight When you win money, you will play a steady point to see if you can hit a room, not what is straightened out!

Sometimes these 4 room roads have just ended, and there is a way out for the roulette wheel and sieve below! I was dizzy when I saw it!

Player: Is there such a thing? I knew for the first time

Player: This must be ah, you wash a deck of cards yourself, after the washing of the road will be fixed, just after the end of the know

Player: If you have any doubts, just don't play
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