What is the significance of the Global Poker Index (GPI) leaderboard?

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What is the significance of the Global Poker Index (GPI) leaderboard?

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The Global Poker Index (GPI), a leaderboard that measures the performance of players around the world in live poker tournaments. With this index, players can follow how they perform in the game. You can also use this index to measure a player's ranking in their home country, or to measure how strong someone is among players of the same gender. It's a great index that lets you see who's the best player in the tournament world right now.

Foreign media PokerNews will update the latest GPI ranking every week, so some people ask, why is this ranking so important? Some say we should be more concerned about the number of championships a player wins, the number of gold bracelets they take, or the amount of prize money they have earned in their careers.

The above points are indeed worth paying attention to, but these are the words of people who do not understand GPI. In order to solve some people's doubts, we will briefly talk about the reason why GPI rankings exist today.

Once, if you wanted to know who played the best hand all the time, you could go directly to the profit board to see the top ten or top twenty names, and that might be the answer you were looking for. Now, when we look at the list of the top twenty on the profit list. These 20 people may play their cards well, but they don't necessarily deserve the words "always the best".

"Magicians" Antonio Esfandiari and Dan Colman are examples. They all play well, but it's a bit far-fetched to say that they are the strongest players. They made the list, mainly from a high starting point, both participated in the million-dollar buy-in water charity competition, both won the championship, and both won the championship prize money. The prize money for "Magician" is $18.34 million, Colman's is $15.3 million, and Magician's total revenue from the competition is $27 million.

High roller results are a bit like rat poop with a bad pot of soup, and some players have "won" the top of the profit list with their high roller results, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily the most capable in the game. Fedor Holz, who has been a big hit recently, won many high roller championships in the first half of the year. Could it be that based on the results of these high roller tournaments, we can say that he is one of all the players ranked in strength in the old nine? Not necessarily!

Another measure of whether a player is strong or weak is how many gold bracelets he or she has. Players like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson and others with a lot of gold bracelets should not question their skills and abilities, right?

But what if there are not many bracelets, and there are only 1, 2 or 3 in hand? Over the years, the WSOP has issued more and more gold bracelets. This year, for example, there are 70 gold bracelets in the Summer Series plus the Global Tour. If you add the gold bracelets for WSOP events in the Asia Pacific region, the number is likely to exceed 80. Although it is not easy to win a gold bracelet, it is compared to the era before the explosion of poker. Pro wants to win a gold bracelet, and they have a lot more chances.

Therefore, if we judge a person's strength based on the gold bracelet in his hand, it is best to start from the number of 3 gold bracelets in his hand...

Those who know this industry will find that every year someone becomes a rising star because of the success of one or two races. There are many short-lived people in this circle, the most famous are Chris Moneymaker and Jamie Gold. They've made a name for themselves for their results (WSOP Main Tournament Champions), and if you ask insiders if they're the world's top players, or the best people in the industry, the answer is understandable.

One of the ideas promoted by the WSOP is that "everyone has a chance to be a champion", which is indeed one of the characteristics of a poker game. Everyone who participates has the potential to win this match in a single competition, but that doesn't mean the rising star is the most capable in the game. Sometimes those who win a game can't even be called a skilled person. After all, this is only a "once" tournament championship, if it is a high roller race, there are many entertainment players participating in the competition, then the moisture of this championship title is even greater.

GPI wasn't created to tell you who the best players in the world are, but to tell people who are the most active and expressive players in the live tournament circle.

For a player to improve the GPI 300, he must not only perform well in the game, but he must also perform well in the game "all the time." Yes, with a few successes in competitions in a year or two, you can make the show. But if you don't work every year or two, your rank will definitely drop. To stay on the list, players need to be on the game all the time.

Sports such as tennis and golf also have leaderboards, which we can use as an analogy with GPI. Is Tiger Woods one of the best golfers on the PGA Tour? The answer is yes. Is Woods currently one of the highest ranked golfers in the world? Surely not. Some people doubt that Woods will not be able to regain his glory and climb to the top of the list as before, but that does not hide his achievements and glory.

The existence of GPI, like a snapshot of the results of a live tournament, allows us to know who is the best in the current competition circle. If you check the leaderboard information regularly, you'll know who has done the best this year and who has been playing consistently.

The person who plays really well, he will always occupy a position at the top of the list, and from time to time add points to himself, in order to consolidate his position in the rivers and lakes. Those who are really strong, their points sometimes fall, and the ranking also falls, but these really strong people, they have the ability to climb up. As long as they want, everyone can always see their name on the list, and this just shows their strength.

A player has a high profit or gold bracelet to his or her name, both of which in themselves indicate the person's abilities. The existence of GPI is equivalent to a supplement, it has a function of checking gaps, letting everyone know that some players are not in the top ten of the global championship overall table. They don't have many gold bracelets in their hands, but they have always taken a place in the standings with a little accumulated results, and GPI points are the best proof of the abilities of these players.
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