In the era of rapid development of the Internet, can live video save the poker industry?

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In the era of rapid development of the Internet, can live video save the poker industry?

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With the booming Internet today, can live video save the poker industry that has been silent for many years? The question was first raised by New Yorker Cameron Tung, who also raised other questions about the live video.

At this stage, we should be thinking, does the poker industry need live video to save it? On this issue, New Yorkers have delved into Jason Somerville and his steadily growing Twitch live video empire, pointing out the importance of legalizing online poker in the United States and the DFS industry, the world's most famous and popular one-stop boutique store. Although the final answer is unanimous, the root question is not whether poker needs to be "saved", but in what form does poker need to gain a foothold in the next 5 years of political struggle as the current political situation develops? This is a problem that New Yorkers are worth chewing on.

The same development process is also common in Chinese poker circles. Throughout the present, a variety of live video broadcast sites have sprung up, such as Douyu, Battle Flag, Panda, Huya and other live broadcast sites, the popularity is high, it can be said that video live broadcast is a trend now, and this is why many poker celebrities choose video live broadcast in their leisure time, while increasing their popularity, they can also earn extra money.

As far as the domestic poker industry is concerned, if the live video is added, the influence of Texas Hold'em in China will be greatly expanded, and more people will be attracted to play Texas Hold'em. While live broadcasting, it can also increase the popularity of players or websites. With the vigorous development of the e-sports industry, the poker industry can be widely promoted in China. Now people's lives are very tight, and it is of course best to stay at home on weekends while resting and watching games. You can even live stream your teaching on a live streaming site, which is a good way to do so.

The difference between online video and traditional film and television media is that it is more popular, and the grassroots life content is more loved and cordial by the public, referring to the development of foreign live video websites, original online video will develop rapidly in the next few years. Moreover, in Texas Hold'em matches, in addition to players, you can record live video, and I have to say that this is also a good opportunity to live video. So why don't we take advantage of such a great opportunity?
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