Gambling Prosperity Understands Small Actions

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Gambling Prosperity Understands Small Actions

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Texas Hold'em is a game of guest against guest, so it is very important to know how to read other people's expressions. However, players who participate in the game often wear hats, sunglasses, and even masks, so that others can't see his expression and avoid revealing the secrets of the cards in their hands. Therefore, if you can interpret non-verbal behaviors and understand some small movements, it will be more helpful.

What exactly is non-verbal behavior, or "mind reading"? Simply put, it can be divided into general non-verbal behavior and specific non-verbal behavior. The former refers to what is considered to be universal and that most people will exhibit similar behaviors. For example, someone's lips are pressed together so tightly that they can barely see their lips, which is a clear, common sign that the person is upset and that something is not right.

Universal non-verbal behavior, everyone is similar, another type of body signal, called specific non-verbal behavior, that is, individual-specific signals. To distinguish special signals, you need to pay attention to the behavioral patterns of people with whom you have regular interactions. The more you know a person, or the longer you interact with them, the easier it is to discover this kind of information.

In the movie "God of Gamblers", the first 500 actions of "stealing chickens" and touching the ring were deliberately added in this way. A few months ago, Artou had the opportunity to attend a seminar for Texas Hold'em players, where presenter Joe Navarro demonstrated how to use nonverbal behavior to read an opponent's hand and win money at the poker table. Texas hold 'em is a game that emphasizes bluffing and cheating. Players are very interested in how to understand the opponent's inadvertent hints.

For them, deciphering non-body language is the key to success. Among them, what surprised Atu most was that many professionals who participated in the seminar, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, university professors and trainers, also used their ability to interpret non-verbal behaviors beyond the poker table.

A doctor from the United Kingdom told Artu after the meeting that he thought the most amazing thing was that he thought he could learn from this seminar and apply it to his medical work. Because the technology of judging the body language of Texas Hold'em players can also help him understand the patient's mind at the same time. He could sense now whether they were restless, confident, or not telling the truth.

The doctor illustrates the pervasiveness of non-verbal behavior and its significance at every level in everyday life. We are not doctors. Of course, what we are most concerned about is not the body language of the patient, but how to use and understand some small movements, and at the Texas Hold'em table, we have a big advantage.

The same is true at the sparrow table, where non-verbal behavior can tell if an opponent is bidding, folding, or plotting to attack. The same place in Texas Hold'em and Sparrow is that they are both players and guests. Everyone only knows the cards that have been revealed on the table and the cards in their hands, but not other people's cards. Those who are good at reading minds have a higher chance of winning. It goes without saying.
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