What happened to Boeing websites such as TT Casino, K7, and Universal?

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What happened to Boeing websites such as TT Casino, K7, and Universal?

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The following text is just gossip discussed by bloggers, and the current turmoil caused by the problem of ePropay is only speculation. For those who are concerned about the development of this event, they may want to know more, so they are reproduced for reference only:

TT, K7, Universal and other funds paid by third parties with EPRO were frozen

Player: Grapevine: Company funds using the eProPay platform are frozen.

EPRO settlement takes two days, i.e. the player deposits to EPRO and EPRO transfers the money to the bookmaker within 48 hours.

Now that all the companies that have adopted EPRO have gone wrong, this grapevine should be true. I hope the bookmaker concerned comes out and gives an explanation.

I have the funds at TT and am relatively relieved, but I am still eager to find out what happened.

Player: Don't worry upstairs, TT, K7 promise to handle our funds within three days.

Player: Also use Yibao's immediate Bo is fine

Players: The gambling world has suffered another earthquake! Boyi and Zun Jue have closed their doors one after another.

Players: Lord is not yet sure if it closes, it is important to return the funds owed to us players!

Player: Just tested it, the company that usually plays is also paid with ePro! We must hold on, the bookmaker will not hold it, and our money will be in danger.

Obviously, TT, K7, and Universal are the same company

Player: Obviously, TT, K7, and Universal are the same company, even the customer service posts are the same, TT's website is tt1177.com, and Universal's website is un7788.com Haha, it seems to be ah

Re: K7 has previously rented TT's dedicated casino, and the relationship is not ordinary. As for whether the bookmakers are the same company, it doesn't really matter, many companies are actually inextricably linked. The important thing is to be able to develop stably and operate with integrity.
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