E financial spreads, trading hours, liquidation and other discussions

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E financial spreads, trading hours, liquidation and other discussions

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Trading hours of E Finance

Player: What are the trading hours of E Finance, and is it trading on Sundays?

Re: All financial weekends are suspended. Generally, the company is closed at 6 a.m. on Saturday to 6 a.m. on Monday. Some companies are two hours early, roughly the same.

What is the spread of E Finance

Player: I also registered an E financial account, I don't know how to ask, it says that the withdrawal condition is a spread of 500, what is the spread?

Answer: The spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price published by the bank, such as EUR/USD: 1.3340/1.3364 means: at this moment you buy euros with US dollars is 1.3364, and sell euros to buy US dollars at 1.3340. The difference is partly the fee charged by the bank, to put it bluntly, the baccarat pump, which is the spread. Of course, it goes without saying, the smaller the spread, the better.

E Expo sent us 500 yuan, and then asked us to do a spread of 500 pips, that is, 500 yuan in pumping, so he did not lose money at all, which was more cost-effective than sending money in Baccarat.

E Finance operates independently

Player: I wondered how anyone said that their accounts would be frozen.

Futures index, commodity futures, metal futures, is the market in the gambling, E Expo just provides a platform, they only charge commissions, steady profits do not lose.

So they can't freeze your account and prevent your whole family from coming here to trade. The more active the trade, the more you earn. And it can also bring the business volume of the baccarat platform, this is not to say, everyone understands.

As for the 500 yuan sent, I think everyone understands that without a 500 point difference, you can't withdraw money. In other words, if you withdraw, E Finance has already earned the 500 yuan back through the spread (trading commission).

It has both word of mouth and brings the entire platform, such as baccarat, dice and other additional effects. Why not.

Player: No wonder everyone plays E Finance at E Expo these days, one person registers seven or eight, a dozen numbers, nothing at all. I thought that E Expo could not be found, but in fact, it was not checked. If you want to check, you have two accounts, he will find it out for you, let alone a dozen accounts.

eFinance's account was liquidated within 2 minutes

Player: Hehe, the account of e Finance was blown up within 2 minutes ~~~ There are 1000+, bought the British index, and the position was blown out within 2 minutes ~~~ Hehe

Player: What does it mean to blow up?

Reply: Baidu's best answer: Stop Out is a loss greater than the available funds in your account after removing margin. The remaining funds after liquidation by the company are the total funds minus your losses, and generally a part remains.

There is also a more serious is the position piercing, which is when the loss is greater than the entire funds in your account, and the funds in your account are negative. After liquidation, you still owe money to the company, and the company will take care of your money.
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