What is said about the so-called dividend hunters

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What is said about the so-called dividend hunters

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Today I accidentally saw the bookmaker vest, "praised" himself as a professional bonus killer. It's funny, there have been a lot of things lately, and I don't have time to write something. Here is a personal idea about the so-called bonus hunter.

The so-called bonus hunters may be some people who use DC discounts to cash out to survive, is there any? Naturally, there is. The reason why such a group appears must have its reasons and reasons. Let's first look at what is called a dividend.

Simply put, the so-called bonus is a discount given by DC to attract players to its casino. Even in Macau and other DCs, there are also them. Some gambling, free meal coupons, rooms and code washing rebates and so on. Why there are few dividend hunters in the field? We don't know if we make a comparison.

Let's talk about the most common dividend of network DC, the first deposit dividend. For the general first deposit bonus of 20%. For example, it is necessary to accept 10 times the turnover required by DC. So let's do the math. If you deposit 1000 yuan, you will get a bonus of 200 and need to complete the 1W2 turnover requirement. Through the calculation of the law of large numbers, we can know that the turnover of 1W2, the player will pay 300 yuan of water, that is, plus DC to give the player another 1% rebate. In fact, the probability of DC and the player winning and losing is exactly the same. In this way, DC is going to have an advantage in probability. Even if this is the case, there will be no so-called bonus hunters. Because it is unprofitable. Bonus hunters appear because many companies give too many bonuses in order to attract players, giving players an advantage in probability. In this way, the profit can be taken.

Using this recent incident I encountered to make a simple comparison, everyone will see at a glance. The company's first deposit dividend is 68% and 15 times the turnover multiple. Or calculate with depositing 1000. That complete rollover requirement is 25200 valid bets. And the player loses water at 630 yuan. Add in the 0.6% rebate, that's 150 yuan. Say so. That is, the player will have an income of 200 yuan. In terms of probability, the probability of a player winning is 0.8% higher. In this case, it is natural to attract the so-called bonus hunters. In order to avoid the bonus being maliciously arbitraged, DC has set up various rules and many overlord clauses. Note here that these terms are mainly intended to protect against so-called bonus hunters. That's understandable, of course, but actually, look at the many players and companies that argue. Personally, I believe that these terms are mostly used for reasons for the company's abuse. My personal IQ of about 130 can't calculate how my friend's turnover of 700,000 yuan was used to get the so-called dividend, but it was framed by people who seemed to have a combined IQ of less than 80 in the whole company.

The so-called agency commission system has also recently been learned. Baccarat rebates up to 50%. And as a lottery it is only 0.1%. This makes me even more skeptical of fairness. Many companies abuse the terms, and many people take dividends. Hehe, I don't think it's a dividend hunter dividend, but it's just a company trap.

Compared to some large companies, there are fewer disputes in this area. Because they have calculated accurately, in fact, this kind of thing has been avoided at the source. Always maintain the advantages of DC itself. Live DC offers you can take as much as you want, because you will pay a greater price. There are also some platforms pulled by the earthen village itself. Give 100% bonus. 10 times the flow of water. If it's fair during the game, then this pie-in-the-sky thing I don't think will be so cheap for players.

Finally, I would like to say this as to whether I am a so-called bonus killer defined by the bookmaker. You can play tricks or frame others, but it's best to use your brain first to get to know your opponent. I don't want to be a rival to people with low IQs. Look at my article, I affirmed it months earlier. And I know the relationship so well, you think, will I drill into the trap you designed?

Everything is a reason, and I have helped many players. But I wouldn't do anything shameful to a disciplined company. I can make money in DC because I have careful calculations and a high degree of control. Also, I don't eat on DC mixed meals, please put my profession in perspective. Attacking and insulting others maliciously is disrespectful to oneself.

Also, some players will remind me that I can transfer funds that need to be carried over to accounts that do not need to be rolled. Thank you, if I had such ability, I would have won directly, why bother. It's not that it's nothing to look for.
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