Players measured on Monte Carlo's Boeing platform, HG platform, etc

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Players measured on Monte Carlo's Boeing platform, HG platform, etc

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Monte Carlo three game halls: Boeing platform (Golden City), self-developed DSP platform (Diamond City), HG He platform (Emerald City, launched yesterday)

Dealer evaluation: Boeing platform (Golden City) that dealer does not dare to compliment, crooked nose and squinted eyes are a little exaggerated, but the length is really very strange...

Some dealers on the self-developed DSP platform (Diamond City) are still good, especially the dealers in the roulette wheel, which is called an attractive ah.

HG He platform (Emerald City) solemnly wants to introduce this game hall, all of them are European and American dealers, and the body of Europe and the United States is honestly better developed than that of Asia

Page evaluation: Personal preference for Monte Carlo's self-developed DSP platform, the road bead map is clear, at a glance, and the dual video switching is indeed convenient and practical, followed by the newly launched Emerald City, the picture is delicate, and the betting platform is indeed large, very good, Boeing's platform is a little lonely compared with them.

Game difficulty: All are trial accounts, so it's not good to evaluate this, I'll tell you later when I charge money to play

Summary: Although I just came into contact with this platform, I think it is still very good, and the attitude of customer service is also very good, there are questions and answers, and the attitude is not like some bookmakers, which is too bad. There are more game platforms, basically covering the two popular platforms at present, but there are no sports quiz games, and it is a bit tragic for some friends who like to play ball, but DC games are really good, and it is a gospel for students who like to play baccarat...
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