Does PokerStars' Android non-3G phone play smoothly?

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Does PokerStars' Android non-3G phone play smoothly?

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Does PokerStars' Android non-3G phone play smoothly? Have any students who tried it to express their opinions? WAIT FOR THE REPLY, I TOUCH HAS BEEN USING APPLE. ALTHOUGH MY OWN MOBILE PHONE IS ANDROID, BUT THE RESOLUTION IS NOT 800 CAN NOT BE USED. Want to change it.

2G is also relatively smooth, but non-3G mobile phones have more than 800*480 screens? Brother's Xiaomi opens 4 tables very smoothly.

Is it useful to play PokerStars with 3G cards? The local old power outage, want to buy a 3G card as a backup. Which is better to use?

3G is OK.

What is the PokerStars bonus code? I want to withdraw money from PokerStars, but I haven't used WMZ for a long time, the WMZ option for withdrawing money is gone, and I have to save again, which is really troublesome. But there is a PokerStars bonus code option for deposits, who knows how to fill it out? First deposit bonus code "STARS600" with double free tournament, non-first double free tournament code "100K".

The PokerStars mobile client can open 4 tables, which is actually quite comfortable. The PokerStars mobile client is updated all day! It's a bit of a waste of traffic, but updates generally have something to improve.

Other games don't seem to be able to do it.
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