Summary of two examples of bettors’ myths about gambling

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Summary of two examples of bettors’ myths about gambling

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We have been gambling for a long time and often reflect on our past experiences. Today I will reflect on two myths:

1. If the principal is enough, you will definitely win if you chase after you lose.

Now everyone realizes that chasing after you lose is a very bad habit. This This habit often makes oneself be cleared, and a thousand days' worth of firewood is burned in one day.

But for novices, this myth is very common, even in real casinos.

2. Super low loss, making hundreds every day,

many people I like to buy super low odds. I remember playing tennis at bet365 many years ago. I thought I was very familiar with players ranked among the top 200 in tennis. I watched the live broadcast and stepped in when the odds were 0.005 or 0.002, 1A

. You can earn 20 or 50 with your capital, and you can earn a few hundred if you play a few games a day.

But then you have to reflect on this method after encountering huge reversals. Even if you win 500 times and lose only once, all outcomes are possible.

Everyone may have feelings about these two myths. What do you think about them?
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