BETVICTOR 02 December 01:00 Coppa Italia Genoa vs Perugia

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BETVICTOR 02 December 01:00 Coppa Italia Genoa vs Perugia

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Competition time: 01:00 on December 02

BETVICTOR Market: 1.97 -1 1.91

Event analysis

Recent performances, Genoa in the weekend league home against the banba Juve, the opening soon Simeone scored two goals, and then Sandro accidentally swung himself, in the second half Pianić free kick scored a face-saving goal for Juve, and finally Genoa won a 3:1 victory, can beat the leader team morale, this season's home performance is good, all competitions recorded 4 wins and 4 draws at home, including the upper circle of the Cup to beat Lecce, this round against the lower group of Perugia, The home team should be more sought after; On the other hand, Perugia's state is relatively average, 3 consecutive games have ended in the round, ranking 6th in Serie B, this time the away status and morale of Genoa are probably more fierce, only to accept the fate of elimination.

This round of BETVICTOR Weide with the home team Genoa to let 1.0 sets, the two teams from the strength of the analysis, Genoa is definitely much higher than the opponent. There is a significant gap in the strength of the two sides, coupled with the home team has just defeated the league leader at home, confidence has increased a lot, and this game is likely to defeat the lower league teams without bloodshed; The team's form this season was sluggish, but it was unequivocal to play a hard battle, having won 3-0 at home to AC Milan, and last round 3-1 against The Bianconeri Juventus, with a good home record, the team hopes to make a breakthrough in the cup, this game against the weaker Perugia, the victory should be no problem.

BETVICTOR Recommended: Genoa Jean 1.0
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