PIGO in the Philippines launched Jade to launch online sports lottery based on Okada Manila

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PIGO in the Philippines launched Jade to launch online sports lottery based on Okada Manila

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After the Philippines approved the physical gaming industry to provide online services, and after the PIGO specification was passed, Jade, the partner of Okada Manila's physical entertainment, announced the launch of the online sports program Jade Sportsbet, and launched Lucky Yeti to enter the Indian market.

Brick-and-mortar entertainment in the Philippines turns to online development Jade to launch online betting soon

Under PAGCOR's PIGO specification, Manila-based Jade Entertainment, a long-time partner with Okada Manila, has announced the launch of two online sportsbooks targeting the growing Philippine and Indian gaming markets. Both sportsbooks are powered by RPM Gaming and hand-picked odds from the industry's best data source providers, allowing customers to get real-time prices for the most complex and active of their favorite sports. Joe Pisano, CEO of Jade Entertainment, said: “This is our first sportsbook for the Indian market. With Jade Sportsbet in the Philippines coming soon, a big thank you to our software and operations partner RPM Gaming for enabling us to build from the ground up and manage these bespoke websites".

Jade Entertainment pointed out that the company's strategic direction is to gradually launch more online online gaming sites legally in international jurisdictions. The new crown epidemic has catalyzed the growth of online gaming, resulting in a surge in digital casinos. As the pandemic has shut down casinos across Asia, Jade has moved from brick-and-mortar entertainment to online development and is now about to emerge in the Philippines and India. "Jade Sportsbet has now returned to Okada Manila and is doing very well," said Joe Pisano, CEO of Jade Entertainment.

Jade develops online business, launches online sports betting in Philippines and India

According to Jade Entertainment, its Philippine-oriented Jade Sportsbet, which is already operating in Okada Manila, aims to improve player safety by providing users with: "Intuitive, omni-channel solutions that flexibly respond to stringent regulatory requirements and enhance player safety. ". Jade said PAGCOR-approved sportsbooks use mobile phone OTP (one-time password) account identification and QR codes to combine the online and offline experience of Filipino players.

In addition, Jade has launched a digital sports betting and casino “Lucky Yeti” in the Indian sports betting market, featuring a mobile-first customized interface. Jade said that the interface design of Lucky Yeti is very “localized” in response to local needs and players’ desire for Passion for the most popular sports. There will also be table games lotto, virtual TV games and popular Indian card games such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Sports offered through sportsbooks include cricket, football and basketball.
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