Bookmakers multi-fake, real and fake Sun City, BET account management fees

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Bookmakers multi-fake, real and fake Sun City, BET account management fees

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Website companies in the name of the Philippines are particularly fake

Player: Recently, there have been some black nets, and there are many websites in the name of the Philippines, such as love to play flip booth games, it just so happens that many black nets have this game, after going to the above game, I know the pain of being deeply affected, I hope everyone will take it as a warning. They claim to be large companies, but often use despicable means, can not give what is not given, really can not give less to give, we must not go to such an online battle DU, lose in vain, win you are difficult to get, be careful! How far to flash how far!

True and false Sun City

Player: Sun City registered last year and has not made a deposit. Today I heard a buddy say that there is an event in Sun City, and I forgot my registered address. Check it out on the Internet, there are several Sun Cities. There are so many bookmakers right now. Next time I register it will be a good collection.

Player: Wood has a way, now the cottage culture is popular, fishing websites rampant.

Someone who opened an account at BET but did not play it, and had to charge a dormant account management fee

Player: Someone opened an account at BABE but didn't play, be careful' just received a BET email!

In accordance with the Website Terms and Conditions, if you do not make any transactions using your 188betABET account within the next 30 days, your account will be subject to a monthly account management fee of $100

Now go cancel the account right away and go to me...
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