What precautions are there against bookmakers who are running away?

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What precautions are there against bookmakers who are running away?

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Player: What precautions are there against companies that are running away? Members may wish to discuss what is the best policy?

I have suffered a lot. There are a few tips for the reference of members and friends.

1: Diversification. The same funds are deposited with several companies to bet.
2: Find some well-known large companies. Relatively speaking, the probability of them running away is much smaller.
3: Find a few companies with different styles to bet. In the gambling industry, profits and risks coexist, can get rich overnight, but also poor as well, but different operating concepts will produce different results at different times, at least, they will not "run away" at the same time.
4. Reasonable allocation of funds. High-quality brand companies, with deep roots, do not need too many offers to retain members, is a long-term stable type of investment, but the results are slow. Some small companies that are just starting out, have no customer source and can only rely on attractive offers to attract members, but the risks are also large.
Player: You run when you win in his house, they can't do without your money

Player: Don't deposit too much money into it every time, withdraw all the money in time when you win, and don't leave the money in the account overnight

Player: If you are unlucky, which one to go to and which one to run

Player: If you don't lose money, you will run away, and I don't believe in love anymore.

Player: Seeing that everyone has said so much, I will tell you a way. That is to run faster than the bank! If you can understand, you are invincible, and if you can't understand, then Zhuang is invincible.

Player: Don't put eggs in the same basket, and put golden eggs for large companies that have credibility

Player: Encounter unease to play less on the line, instant withdrawal

Player: The best defense is to lose inside, lose everything he ran to send me

Player: I also settle the withdrawal on the same day, so it is the safest
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