Bitcoin welcomes new payment methods; PokerStars creates bubble breaks

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Bitcoin welcomes new payment methods; PokerStars creates bubble breaks

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In January last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that electronic money (bitcoin) was depreciating. It fell from $1,165 in December 2013 to $210 (trading price). Despite this, more than 140 betting sites (10 of which have their own online poker rooms) support the use of Bitcoin, with billions of dollars in transactions.

A few weeks ago, news about Bitcoin broke out frequently. First, the British Gambling Board opened up the use of Bitcoin in its association-registered poker rooms, and then the famous German player Antanas "Tony G" Guoga founded in '09 also announced that Bitcoin could be used within the site. Not only does the website provide e-wallets for easy access, but it can also be used for conversion with cash.

Soon after the launch of this new plan, it received an enthusiastic response. This is best reflected in the increasing number of new users of the site, especially in countries where the gambling industry is "regulated", and these user groups seem to have found a new "breakthrough". Warren Lush, head of the site, said: "In the era of rapid technological development, we have always sought out the most cutting-edge technology and acted to make it appear on the platform. He also said that due to the use of bitcoin, a new payment direction, the number of users has increased significantly compared to the previous website, mostly in Asian countries with strict financial fund controls. Not only can Bitcoin be used on a wide variety of games on the platform, but they can also be traded with Bitcoin.

It can be seen that in order to attract more entertainment players, online platforms are actively transforming and adjusting their business strategies. The use of bitcoin is one of the effective means of global operation.

In addition to the change in business strategy of online platforms, the "leading big brother" poker star has recently begun to innovate and announced a new bubble quick breaking tournament. I believe that veteran players have experienced a long period of conquest and have not returned to the game. In this new format introduced by PokerStars, the early blindness is particularly fast (similar to the super-fast level of the game), and the money circle is generated within the first hour. But after the bubble period, the speed of the game will begin to slow down, allowing players to play without restraint and not causing unnecessary trouble due to the blind stake rising too high. The tournament is already available on PokerStars and registration fees range from $0.55 to $109. If you want to experience it, please go to PokerStars online platform to play!
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