The combined earnings of the US Pro in terms of competition revenue alone are $5.4 billion, ranking first in the world

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The combined earnings of the US Pro in terms of competition revenue alone are $5.4 billion, ranking first in the world

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The world is creating "new poker users" every day, some of whom play cards occasionally for fun, while others treat playing cards as a job, and among those professional players, some have struggled for years and have never been able to squeeze into any of the rankings, but some, out of talent, out of effort, have always been at the top of the player championship profit list, and most of these leaders come from one country: the United States. The data shows that the United States produces more game-type players than any other country in the world.

According to Hendon Mob, U.S. players are the best off the N streets from other countries, because Americans collectively earn $5.4 billion playing cards. However, despite the lot of money, when it comes to the most popular/profitable player, Daniel Negreanu from Canada is selected as the first player, which can be described as a veteran player with both popularity and votes. However, these revenues are all earned by players in offline competitions, and online earnings cannot be factored into account because online earnings are incomplete, so these earnings do not include online revenue.

According to PocketFives, the most profitable player in online tournaments is Chirs Moorman of the United Kingdom, with more than 13 million knives, but the lack of information makes it impossible to take them into account. As a result, the five countries below have players that collectively generate tournament revenue in the top five of all countries in the world.

Number one: the United States

To date, U.S. players have earned $5.4 billion in poker combined, $5 billion more than the second-place country...

Some of the American players can be said to be the 1% of the poker pyramid, such as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Erick Seidel, "Magician" Antonio Esfandiari, and the younger generation of Jason Mercier, Dan Coleman, Vanessa Selbst, Jamie Gold, Scott Seiver, Brian Rast and Macau high-roller Tom Dwan. Demographic advantage + the mature development of live tournaments + the rise of online poker, the United States has produced many of the world's best poker players.

Second place: United Kingdom

British players rank second in the world in terms of revenue from the tournament combined, with a total of $554 million, and many of the players who contribute are not very well-known than American players, but some of them are more famous in the global poker community, such as Sam Trickett, David "Devilfish" Ulliott, and Liv Boeree, Jake Cody, Victoria Coren, and Chris Moorman, interestingly, Hendon Mob's original founding team was British.

Third place: Canada

Slightly lower than the UK, Canadian players earn less than $500 million in tournament revenue, slightly more than $499 million, poker flourishes in this country for about the same time as the United States, but because of factors such as population, economic development, and circle maturity, it ranks third behind neighboring countries.

Daniel Negreanu is the number one player in the country's live tournament for profitability, earning $32.3 million. In addition to Negreanu, players like Jonathan Duhamel, Mike McDonald, Sorel Mizzi, Mike Watson and Gavin Smith have contributed to the effort. I've heard that many of the people at the top of the online profit rankings are from Canada, but because of the low profile, these players are reluctant to reveal their real names.

Fourth place: France

In fourth-place France, players earned nearly $374 million in live tournaments, more than $100 million less than Canada. French legislation on gaming has been strict, and it was only in recent years that the government relaxed its policy on the gaming industry and poker.

Some of the more famous French players are: Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, David Benyamine, Fabrice Soulier, Patrick Bruel, Ludovic Lacay and Roger Hairabedian. Alex Dreyfus, the founder of the GPL, a businessman, is also from this country.

Fifth place: Germany

Players earned around $313 million in live matches, and as of April 2016, no player from these five countries had earned $300 million in live matches.

The German Ole Schemion, who has been racing a lot lately, also features Philipp Gruissem, Pius Heinz, Fabian Quoss, Marvin Rettenmaier, Dominik Nitsche and Fedor Holz, with Tobias Reinkemeier topping the German live race earnings list.
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