PokerStars refund is "tricky", have you been hit?

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PokerStars refund is "tricky", have you been hit?

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After PokerStars discovered cheating in Spin & Go events, some players who regularly played in the poker room received a lot of compensation. It seems that this is how it happened...

Money refund incident

What was supposed to be a safe game, but something happened this week that forced you to re-examine the security of your account in the online poker room.

Since last month, PokerStars' integrity department has been paying some refunds for players, along with the following email:

"We have identified a number of inconsistencies with PokerStars Terms of Service that could harm some players. It's likely that this is also the case in the games you're participating in, and it may be detrimental to your interests. When a violation is discovered, it is our policy to punish the bad guys. The balance of these people's accounts will be confiscated by us and we will return the money to the accounts of players whose interests we believe have been compromised. ”

Some people say it's a big deal

The 2+2 forum has been active these days, why? Because players who have played Spin & Go at PokerStars, it is said that players who bought in each level received a refund from PokerStars. One player, nicknamed 'Don Stefalleno', often participates in reels that buy $60 and gets a refund of almost $1,000. According to him, something big is likely to happen to Spin&Go's player pool, and here is his original post on the forum:

"I also received a refund today, a large amount. It used to be 10 yuan and so on, but this one has 1,000 yuan, which means that there is a big problem. I have a lot of questions, but I don't know who to ask. Generally speaking, the amount of compensation we get from the fines paid by cheaters will not be very large, but this time there is so much compensation, you can imagine how much I was affected~ Well, yes, S&G is likely to have something big that happened that we don't know!! ”

It is common for players to receive compensation after being scammed, and in fact most players who play PokerStars have received this type of email at least once. What's unusual is that the money comes from compensation for events like Spin & Go, because the players on the table are completely randomly arranged, so it's almost impossible for these people to join forces to cheat, so if Spin & Go does have a cheating problem, it's likely that someone is using a robot or using prohibited software to play cards.

It's not surprising that PokerStars discovered cheating and compensated players without explaining the specifics of the cheating.

The editor wants to ask weakly, have any of you officials received a refund?
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