A real-life insider discussion about Boeing system cards

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A real-life insider discussion about Boeing system cards

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Player: Boeing has absorbed a lot of new companies to rent their platform this year, you go to PING under the domain names of these new companies, the IP addresses are all in the Philippines, the network in the Philippines is not very good. It is conceivable that so many companies' servers are all in Boeing's engine room, can he load up. This is the consequence of overextension not commensurate with one's own strength! Don't think how big Boeing's strength is, a Sun City Asia top a few of them!

This is making money first, service second! Can live casino videos be transferred to so many companies without a card?

Re: The Philippines network is indeed a problem, but the main one is that it has been attacked by human DDOS. This is the case with TT Casino, where it is clear that someone is specifically attacking this gambling site, and other sites within its network are definitely implicated. For example, if I open the website of E Expo and TT's website at the same time, ESBALL's will be much faster, and there is no problem in opening the live casino, it is very smooth, and there is no difference from before, but TT's website has been difficult to open in recent days.

Set up a firewall when attacked, and once the firewall is set, the website will be greatly slowed down. Tongle City, Emperor of the Land, Sun City Asia, etc. are all like this, adding a protective cover. All Boeing websites have also added a layer. If you remove the protection, it is much faster.

In addition, Boeing has many stations, which may indeed drag down the operation of the entire network. Because all Boeing platform websites are uniformly operated by Boeing. Look at Playtech and Microgaming, etc. are core servers controlled by PT and MG, while each bookmaker has its own independent server and network environment, with intermediate transmission with PT and MG. This way is more reasonable. It is also easy to highlight the strength perception of each company and the gap between operation.

If you think Boeing specifically stuck you (which is funny), go straight to a foreign high-speed VPN test.
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